May 18th, 2021

Recently my website, and some pipeline in the east, was hit by ransomware. I’d rather spend my money on radio gear so I let the thieves rot in their little Russian hobble.

Meanwhile, I didn’t have a good backup so I’ll be rebuilding my site soon. It will include some fun info on my stations as well as projects like the keyed design and offerings.

Speaking of remote control, I just added a prototype of a coax disconnect that puts a nice gap between the antenna and radio. Lots of changes in mind, but the general concept actually works and is in operation. Check out the Youtube video on it. The plan is to make a commercial version for sale once it is refined and 3D printer parts designed.

My primary station at the Chandler QTH
Another Chandler station. These are much like the Novice and early General gear I had. Except I had the 75a2 instead of the 75A4 like this one. My first nice receiver was the National RAO-7.
And this is the Bonita Creek station. The FT-1K has moved to Chandler and the Drake gear will move into the hole. The 7610 is a primary radio up there with the 7300 and 9700 as nice play things. The 7300 is set up to be remotely controlled as well as a new ability to actually disconnect the antennas remotely. The Drake gear are dreams I’ve wanted to own for a while. Beautiful history. Smells nice too.