900 Mhz Repeater


927.26.25 151.4 tone

To advance the coverage of the rare 900 band into as many areas of Arizona as possible, I was given a repeater by Tom, NE7X to blanket the Payson area. On top of that, it is connected to the Allstar system and is node 56384. It is located NE of Payson at a height of 6k feet (Payson is around 5k) and seems to have good coverage so far. Soon the antenna will be on the top of the tower and be fed with LMR600 cable and that should enhance the coverage a lot more than the test location of the antenna where. Although, there is just a bit of brush in the way now, being in the clear and fed with a quality feedline instead of 20-year-old 9913 with 3 adapters in the line will make a huge difference.

It is set up to be a regular connection to the Arizona 900 Network consisting of a few dozen repeaters, including some mountain top and home nodes. Here is the bubble chart.

There aren’t any 900 Mhz radios available commercially specifically for this band. Pretty much everyone on it has used and converted commercial radios. It isn’t hard to get on for someone who is a bit determined. All of the instructions are available and eBay usually has a bunch of the radios available.

The repeater has been coordinated.

For the 20 years since we built the house in the mountains, I have always envisioned a repeater sitting right there. On the other side of the wall, and about 20 feet out is the 55′ US Tower.
I was supplied with a very impressive antenna that is designed for the roughest of weather on the top of a mountain. We do get winds that can be 40-50 MPH and sustained for days on end, so this is one antenna I won’t be worried about in the least. It can handle lightning strikes pretty well too I expect. Of course, all of the usual arresters and grounding will be in place.
Impressive gain too. About 12 dbi
That is the new home for the antenna. From that perch is will be able to see for tens of miles and is about even with Mt Ord that we can see in the distance. Unobstructed other than the Mogollon Rim to our North about 2 miles away. So, south is where it will work best.
The popular Kenwood TK-981